Rocking not Chairs


Star Wars fans simply never cease to amaze us. Coming at you from some of the most incredible craftsmen and parents in the galaxy, check out these home made Star Wars inspired rocking chairs. Forget those old-fashioned horse models, this is the furniture every kid is looking for. 


Intergalactic Translation Union local 483Q9-epsilon reports: “Just to be clear, the accepted label for the manufactured versions of the beasts shown, and anything similar, should properly be known as a ‘hobby or rocking horse.’ 
Although the incorrectly mentioned ‘rocking chair’ share similarities (particularly of motion and the curious ability to induce feline anxieties), it is usually intended for more mature rockers (or, said rockers and their infant offspring) and very rarely breaks away from the chair form, even though individual designs can be unique. 


Please continue to strive toward clear communiques throughout the outer systems and keeping Local 483Q9-epsilon clone free during these trying times for your Emperor.