About hardasGnials

  I used to not want to be found. I didn’t want the ones that used to know me to have the free service that apps like Facebook and other social media seem to offer — alerting former acquaintances of my trials in life and the ongoing list of failures that have marked the passage of time. So for the few times that I wished to have an active account, I came up with a very, very clever (if I do say so myself) system. I could switch the order of the spelling of my last name. 

S. Laing disappeared one night just as GNIALS came to be.

Sure, it may not seem like a superhero creation story, but it includes 100% truth. 

Now, I’m 44 years old, and I’m lonely even for those that I used to hide from. So as I muggle my way through the remaining time, I look forward to hearing from any of those that I can garner responses from.

GNIALS, out!


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